The Russians are preparing for a biological war ! Prof. Gdanov about Vetom 1.1 !

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The Russians are preparing for a biological war ! Prof. Gdanov about Vetom 1.1 ! - POHUDEESH.RU - Как похудеть видео. Скачать бесплатно!

The Russians are preparing for a biological war and began to sell secret military developments for the civilian population." - that information was declared by outstanding Russian professor Zhdanov.
All my life I lived in Novosibirsk Science Campus, but now I have been living in Moscow for ten years, I am a head of practical psychology and psychoanalysis department. In the 70s in Novosibirsk city on the basis of Science Campus a top-secret, the largest and the most modern microbiological center in the world was established in settlement Koltsovo.
This center worked for defense, invented means of protection against atomic, chemical and bacteriological weapons. It was so secretive that even its staff members were forbidden to tell what books they were reading. All products were classified. As it turned out later, they produced antidotes. I mean in every serviceman`s pocket there is an instruction which claims: in case of an atomic explosion, a chemical or bacteriological attack, one must make an injection to oneself or eat a powder that dramatically increases immunity and helps to survive in these critical situations. I got acquainted with such products quite by accident. There was a flu epidemic and my oldest daughter got sick. She felt very bad and had high fever. I called Alexander Ivanovich Lelyak and asked: can you advise anything against the flu? He said: "Sure. I advise you the best world product called "Vetom". He came to me, brought a few packages and said: "Here are some packages for you in order not to get sick with the flu. To my surprise, my daughter recovered in a few days, since then she has no medicine except "Vetom". She takes it herself and gives her daughters at the first signs of illness - 2-3 spoonfuls per reception. I got very interested in that product. In 1993, the state completely stopped funding this research center. Now the products are completely declassified, including "Vetom" series. In 1993 the market of these medicines was captured by 4 world pharmaceutical giants, and it was very difficult for that center to win its place in the market. But a large number of enthusiasts, like me, began to widely advertise and carry these products. I literally carried suitcases with these products to all the cities, telling people about that really unique, the best world product, which allowed to live without diseases. They are based on the bacterium Bacillus subtilis. This bacterium, getting into the warm-blooded being, produces alpha-interferon. Alphainterferon is the basis of immunity, it is powerful immuno-modulator of natural origin. This bacterium lives on soil, grass. A person who eats fruits, berries, carries this bacterium into himself, which develops, increases his immunity. But now in large cities, this bacterium is killed, it is dramatically lacking, so people's immunity desperately reduces. The Vetom Center is doing a great job. Since 1993, it has developped, organized offices in virtually all major Russian cities, the CIS countries and abroad. There is a huge interest in its products abroad, because there are no similar analogues in the world. I have not carried Vetom products in a suitcase for many years, because I provide people with a link to the research center website. Representative offices of this center can be found in different cities. There you will be consulted in choosing the products you need. I am glad that this research center in Koltsovo settlement of Novosibirsk Region is flourishing. My classmate Alexander Lelyak, with whom I graduated from the physics department of the Novosibirsk State University, is a general director of this center. He confirms that the broadest and most quality physical education, that we`ve got at the university, allowed us to achieve great successes in various areas related to physics. That was confirmed by his long-term brilliant work. On the eve of his sixtieth birthday I wish him good health, further creative success, prosperity to our sacred duty of our nation recovery. Thank you so much.

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The Russians are preparing for a biological war ! Prof. Gdanov about Vetom 1.1 ! - POHUDEESH.RU - Как похудеть видео. Скачать бесплатно!